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  • Support Desk for your users to address and monitor facilities & supply issues
  • User specific advisories no more rush orders
  • User based catalogs avoid ordering wrong item
  • Universal access for supply coordinator
  • Automatic pre-order coordination so you never run out of stock
  • Single cart and catalog for everything: supplies, stock orders, services, expense reimbursements, purchase card approval
  • Workgroup task sharing across groups and stakeholders, manage progress
  • Virtual Stock Boy® to automatically manage inventories across warehouses and storage rooms
  • Monitor product & service consumption at the user level
  • Color-coded electronic receiving
  • Re-purpose warehouse space and use vendor storage and distribution
  • Automatic replacement
  • Automatic warranty claims

IT Department

  • Help Desk integration
  • SaaS no load on IT department
  • IP based location security
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Scale without adding headcount
  • Automatic warranty management
  • Automatic pre-order coordination windows for services & software renewals
  • Unlimited product & service management
  • Automatic GL post
  • Cost center allocation
  • Google-like search
  • User based catalogs
  • Central services manager
  • Optional Procurement Desk fiSAVE™ planned spend manager
  • Depot & staging management
  • Track assets over lifetime
  • Publish user/department specific FAQs

Accounting Department

  • NCUA examiner appreciated audit trail
  • Automatic vendor due diligence
  • Decision engine manages approval processes for purchases of supplies, stock, and services, as well as expense reimbursements
  • Flexible rules to meet changing regulatory environment
  • Set once self-enforcing financial controls
  • Cloud subscription is operating expense not capital expense
  • Accounts Payable engine keeps trains running on time
  • Self-enforcing invoice control for 100% correct payments
  • Automatic electronic invoice reconciliation so you pay only what you owe
  • Impossible to overpay
  • Detailed reporting
  • Automatic branch accounting
  • Budget reporting
  • Electronic invoices
  • Electronic payment
  • ACH bill pay
  • ACH expense reimbursement
  • Report builder

Marketing Department

  • Automatic proof submission from all purchase officers
  • Easily enforce compliance with your corporate design
  • Smart user & promotions based catalogs
  • Flexible push or pull distribution
  • Vendor collaboration tools
  • Real proof processing includes CU stakeholders as well as agency and service bureaus
  • Annual marketing plan to budget
  • Electronic corporate design manual
  • Collateral distribution & inventory management
  • Business development workgroup
  • Mailing manager
  • Project management
  • Task management
  • Purchase to GL post