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Requests for all sourcing requirements

Requests enable users to pinpoint their precise purchasing requirements – this allows goods and services to be sourced without discrepancies. cuSPEND’s versatile request form can be used as both an RFQ (Request for Quote) and RFP (Request for Proposal). Users can track the status of every request and each supplier’s response with minimal effort.

Strategic supplier negotiations

Requests facilitate superior negotiations by enabling multiple users in various locations to review and evaluate offers simultaneously. Decisions can be made quickly, collaboratively, and without unnecessary hassle. Simple comparison tools provide opportunities to secure your ideal terms and pricing with only the very best vendors. For maximum flexibility, you can even close with numerous vendors by creating more than one PO from a single request.



Draft and save requests (RFQs & RFPs) by adding items with details and specifications from the database, or external items for irregular orders. Host open or sealed bidding events, define due dates and terms, share custom forms, and attach documents to any request to close better deals with suppliers.


Send requests to one or more suppliers in a single format with a click of a button. Add additional suppliers to an active negotiation event at anytime, and track the status of all received responses in real-time.


A dedicated comparison dashboard allows staff to compare supplier offers based on total cost of ownership (TCO), technical evaluations and questionnaires. Receive and respond to offers from all involved suppliers to easily identify which parts of the negotiated terms were changed.


Award the best offers by generating purchase orders and contract arrangements, which will automatically follow pre-set approval workflows. More than one supplier can be awarded after a negotiation process, allowing you to split the order between multiple suppliers.