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Bring Your Own Vendors and Tap into the fiSAVE™ Credit Union Network

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the imperative of building a resilient and robust supply chain. In response, federal regulations now mandate business recovery access to multiple strategic vendors within each product and service category.

cuSPEND™ offers a unique advantage by providing flexibility and strategic depth to credit unions. With our application, you have the freedom to bring your own vendors while also gaining access to the extensive fiSave™ network of best-in-class vetted vendors. This dual approach ensures that you have the flexibility to work with trusted suppliers you already have relationships with, while also having the ability to tap into the curated fiSave™ vendor pool during supply chain disruptions or to address specific strategic needs.

We understand that supply chain hiccups can occur unexpectedly, causing delays or disruptions in your operations. That’s why cuSPEND™ empowers you with a wide range of options. In addition to your existing vendors, our platform gives you the ability to seamlessly leverage the fiSave™ network of pre-screened and quality-assured suppliers. This ensures that you have a contingency plan in place and can quickly fill any gaps in your supply chain to maintain business continuity.

With cuSPEND™, you have the flexibility to choose the vendor that best suits your specific requirements, whether it’s your own trusted partner or one from the vetted fiSave™ network. This versatility empowers you to optimize your supply chain, adapt to changing market dynamics, and make informed decisions to mitigate risks and drive operational efficiency.

Join cuSPEND™ today and experience the power of choice. Leverage your own vendors and tap into the extensive fiSave™ network of vetted suppliers and pricing contracts to address strategic depth and seamlessly navigate any supply chain challenges that may arise. With cuSPEND™, you have the flexibility and reliability to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently, no matter the circumstances.