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process automation

cuSPEND digitally connects the people, partners, processes, and information needed to manage design-to-deliver activities in a simple, smart, and open way.

Centralize digital control with electronic processing across departments, vendors and buying groups to do away with errors, delays and duplication.

Use Vendor Warehouses

Manage multiple inventories across several warehouse locations.

Utilize Vendor Distribution

Eliminate need for internal distribution with vendor to desktop delivery.


Electronic purchase to pay with no manual intervention involved.

Audit Trail

NCUA Examiner audit trail generated for every transaction.

Support Desk

Associate’s issues quickly resolved with native ticket system.

Automatic Accounting

Platform does the work of 2-3 staff accountants posting expenses, allocations, GL, payments and reimbursements automatically.

Invoice Processing

Never pay for a product not received, never pay too much, never double pay, never miss a credit – automatic and instant.


Electronic vendor payments and employee expense reimbursements.


We see invoice-to-payment processing time reduced from 15 days to 60 seconds. This includes GL and allocation posting.

We see Error-Free Processing improved from industry standard 30% to 99.99%

We see a reduction in back-office overhead costs of 30%-40%.